Laicos Consagrados del Regnum Christi


We have been called by Christ to be with Him and to extend His Kingdom with the ardent soul of an apostle.   

The three dimensions that constitute our vocation (being lay, consecrated and belonging to Regnum Christi) determine our way of following and identifying with Christ, consecrated to the Father and his apostle in the secular world, announcing the Kingdom by word, work and the offering of our own life.

We live the spirit of Regnum Christi

As lay consecrated men, we seek to

Vida espiritual

The motivation to cultivate a solid interior life has as its objective configuration to Christ. Our spiritual life consists in cultivating friendship with Him. The spiritual life is not reduced or exhausted in the fulfillment of a series of practices of piety.

Therefore, we propose and seek a spirituality that is at once contemplative and evangelizing., founded on love for Christ, Mary, mankind, the Church and Regnum Christi.

Collaborating with the action of the Holy Spirit

We seek to cultivate a theological life

Contemplative and evangelizing

  • Contemplatives, because we seek to be men of interior life, lovers of prayer, silence and reflection, in order to give priority to the action of God in our own sanctification and apostolate;
  • Evangelizers, because the experience of Christ's love, who calls us to share his mission, generates an ardent desire to respond decisively as passionate apostles of the Lord.
  • As consecrated laity, apostles in the secular world, it is necessary to learn to harmonize the means of spiritual growth with apostolic commitments, study, necessary rest and other dimensions of life.

We live the spirit of Regnum Christi

As lay consecrated men, we seek to

Spiritual virtues

The following of Christ is animated and sustained by the action of the Holy Spirit. We cultivate the theological virtues by living in a special way evangelical charity.. Likewise, we live communion with God and with our brothers and sisters rooted in the Eucharist and with a special awareness of time as a gift received, making present here and now. the Kingdom of Christ among men. Other virtues that constitute an essential part of our spirituality are humility, sincerity and human and social virtues.

Our patron is St. Paul, a model of configuration to Christ and a passionate apostle of evangelization. We entrust ourselves to the maternal protection and intercession of the Virgin Mary.

"The members of the Society live the spirit of Regnum Christi from their vocation as consecrated laity. They take Jesus Christ as their criterion, center and model. They live the mystery of Christ, consecrated to the Father and close to his brothers and sisters, as one more of his People, announcing the Kingdom to them with his word and the offering of his life". CLCRC 10

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