Laicos Consagrados del Regnum Christi


The formation of the members is aimed at transformation in Christ, the model of the consecrated lay person who seeks to witness in the world to the new life of the Kingdom of God, and preparation as apostles according to their own charism.

The performance of the evangelizing mission

It requires adequate intellectual training. Therefore, the members:  

Training is sought, according to one's personal calling, to proclaim the Gospel message to people and to collaborate effectively in making Christ's reign present. 

Since human maturity is the harmonious development of the faculties, members strive to achieve a balance in the formation of their mental, volitional and affective faculties.

Training areas

To choose the personal area of training,one must be attentive to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, in addition to considering:

  • One's own natural talents and inclinations.
  • The demands of the life and mission of the Society of Apostolic Life and Regnum Christi.
  • The needs of the society in which they live.

Training Objectives

Training in life stages

Each stage of the life of a consecrated lay person has its formative objectives that support the member in his discernment and vocational fulfillment.

Curso Previo

Previous Course

In the pre-course stage, an intensive period of discernment is experienced, which seeks to:

  • To deepen the vocational concern, supporting the listening and discernment of the call.
  • To learn more about lay consecration in Regnum Christi, the content and living of the vows, community life, mission, formation, spiritual life, apostolate, charism of Regnum Christi and stages of life in society, as well as its implications.
  • Knowing oneself to be able to go deeper into one's motives, the company's vocation, motivations and elements of suitability for this vocation.  


The next stage is the candidacy which consists of a two-year period that is divided into:

  • The first year dedicated exclusively to human and spiritual formation.
  • During the second year, academic and apostolic activities are resumed or initiated.
  • The purpose of the candidacy is for the member to become better acquainted with lay consecration in Regnum Christi, to acquire habits of life in conformity with it and to consolidate his decision to follow Christ along this path.

Temporary Votes

During the stage of temporary vows, we seek to help the person in his vocational discernment and consolidation and to prepare him for the taking of final vows. Formation seeks to integrate spiritual, apostolic, academic and community life.

En esta etapa la formación está enfocada en vivir en plenitud esta realidad con todo lo que implica. Por eso se busca en esta etapa:

  • Cultivate a deep Eucharistic and prayer life.
  • Ahondar en el estudio de la espiritualidad cristiana.
  • To deepen the knowledge of the spirituality and apostolic methodology of Regnum Christi.
  • Acquire an adequate mastery of those disciplines that can help him in his future apostolate.
  • Aprender a desenvolverse en los deberes propios del estado laical sin descuidar aquellos de su consagración.
Formacion Permante

Continuing Education

This six-year stage culminates with the issuance of final vows, and with that the formation continues as ongoing formation.

The consecrated layperson must continue to be formed in all aspects of his or her life: spiritually, professionally and apostolically.

Formation, both in the spiritual and secular spheres, must continue to develop in order to serve better to God and neighbor..

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