Laicos Consagrados del Regnum Christi


1. Previous Course

To deepen vocational concerns.

2. Candidate
To know the lay consecration
in Regnum Christi.
3. First issuance of temporary votes

First issuance
of temporary votes

Professional studies and
apostolic activity.

4. Second issue of temporary votes
Second issue
of temporary votes
Consolidation of one's vocation,
continuation of studies and apostolic activity.
5. Casting of final votes
Full-time apostolate
and continuing education.
1. Previous Course

inquietud vocacional.

2. Candidate

Conocer la
laical en
el Regnum Christi.

4. Second issue of temporary votes

Second issue
of temporary votes

Consolidación de la
propia vocación,
continuación de estudios
y actividad apostólica.

3. First issuance of temporary votes

First issuance
of temporary votes

Professional studies and
apostolic activity.

5. Casting of final votes

Apostolado a tiempo
and continuing education.

The vocational process of the Lay Consecrated Members of Regnum Christi

A young person who practices the Christian life and who has come into contact with Regnum Christi may manifest the desire to begin a process of vocational discernment. This is a period of personal discernment to get to know the lifestyle, charism and mission of Regnum Christi Lay Consecrated Persons.

In this initial stage, accompaniment and vocational activities organized in each territory or locality are offered. It is also possible to have a vocational experience living in a community for some time.

Preparation to become a Consecrated Layman

First steps in the discernment of a lay consecrated vocation

Life in Regnum Christi

Since it is a vocation within Regnum Christi, any person who is interested in knowing or discerning a vocation as a Consecrated Lay of Regnum Christi, must first get to know Regnum Christi in depth. In order to do this, one is invited to participate, in the best way possible, in the life of the Regnum Christi section according to one's possibilities, trying to deepen one's spiritual life, team, formation, apostolate and accompaniment of Regnum Christi.

2. Dirección Espiritual

Among all the means that Regnum Christi offers to its members, those who wish to initiate a process of discernment are particularly asked to have a Regnum Christi spiritual director with whom they can have frequent accompaniment and who will help them to lead a mature spiritual life that will help them to listen to God and discover his will in their own lives.

3. Vocational accompaniment by a consecrated lay person of Regnum Christi.

Once a path of knowledge of Regnum Christi has been followed and with the help of a spiritual director, the support of a vocational accompanier is offered by the Consecrated Laity of Regnum Christi. A periodic dialogue will be held with him/her in order to discern specifically a possible vocation. This companion will help to establish an itinerary to know more deeply the specific vocation, to know the person concerned and that he knows himself in order to identify some objective elements for discernment.

4. Intensify spiritual life.

During this period, with the help of his spiritual director, the person concerned should intensify his prayer life, promote spaces of silence and reflection in his daily life, frequent the sacraments, reading and meditation of the Word. This will facilitate listening to God by identifying the elements through which He speaks to each person and facilitate the process of discernment.

5. Living together / vocational experience.

In agreement with the vocational accompanier, the interested person will be invited to participate in activities that will allow him/her to experience the life of the consecrated laity by participating in vocational retreats, attending their communities, and having various experiences with them.

6. Community experience

In some cases, it may be offered as a special means of discernment to live for a period of time in a community of consecrated laity in order to continue the process of discernment.

7. Previous Course

If after the above process sufficient elements are found for a possible vocation to the consecrated lay life in Regnum Christi, the interested party may be invited to participate in the Preliminary Course, which is an intensive period of discernment for a period of approximately one month and after which there will be an eight-day retreat.

8. Candidate

At the end of the Preliminary Course, if the Society of Apostolic Life and the person concerned consider that there are sufficient elements to assume that there may be an authentic call to this vocation, the person concerned will request to enter Candidacy, which lasts two years. Its purpose is to offer the initial formation for this vocation and as a period of special discernment before the emission of vows of consecration. During these two years the candidate will dedicate himself full time to human and spiritual formation, as well as to acquire the habits of a consecrated life, to know in depth the charism and life of the consecrated laity of Regnum Christi. At the end of these two years, if the Society of Apostolic Life and the person concerned consider that there is a call, the person concerned will request admission to temporary vows. He will make his first vows for three years and continue his formation.

From his living voice


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Prayer for vocations

Oh Jesus, Good Shepherd, deign to look with eyes of mercy on this portion of your beloved flock. Lord, raise up in your Church priestly, consecrated and lay vocations to extend your Kingdom. We ask this through the Immaculate Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, your sweet and holy Mother.Oh Jesus give us vocations according to your heart! Amen. 


Vocational Promoters

Country Promoter E-mail
Tony MacDonnell
Mexico (Country)
Álvaro Cifuentes
Northern Mexico
Alejandro Lara
Europe (Territory)
Matthew Devoy
Emilio Martínez
Ignacio Vivar
José Mateos
José Mateos

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